Country Loving Christmas Tree Farm
Cut your own Christmas tree and create
great memories here.Bring your family,
friends, and pets!

We are open 9 AM-5 PM Fridays, Saturdays
and Sundays between 11/23/18-12/23/18.
For appts on other avail. days, call
703-398-7018.    We are located at 
40824 Red Hill Road, Leesburg, VA 

It is best to decide in advance what height of tree you will need.  Also, a taller tree can be cut off from the bottom and excess branches used for other decorations.  If you're planning to place the tree in a corner, keep in mind that it does not have to be perfectly shaped. Consider for how long you plan to keep your tree up, the temperature the tree will be exposed to, and select the species of tree with the needle retention you prefer.


Until you are ready to trim your tree, store it outside in a sheltered area (a cold garage is ideal; wind will dry out the tree). If it is going to be a week or more before you decorate, make a fresh straight cut across the trunk, about an inch up from the original cut. This opens the tree stem, so it can absorb more water. Be sure to immediately plunge the fresh cut trunk into water. If you have us cut the trunk for you, place your tree in water as quickly as possible to preserve the fresh cut. Check daily that the water line does not fall below the cut, or a new cut will be necessary.  If the water level drops below the cut, a seal will form which does not permit the tree to continue to consume more water. Water consumption is related to the trunk diameter, and not the height.  An average tree will consume between two (2) pints and one (1) gallon of water per day. 

Your tree should be protected from freezing conditions and extreme heat at all times. If possible, bring the tree into a partially heated area (basement) the night before decoratiing. This will help it adjust gradually to the warmer temperature.  Place the tree as far away from all heat sources as possible. These elements will dry your tree out and cause it to drop its needles prematurely.  Do not shave the sides of the tree trunk to fit the tree into the stand, this will reduce the stability of the tree. We also suggest to mix a tree preservative in with the water, (sold at our farm) as instructed on the package, and water the tree daily.  Proper use of the tree preservative and water will definitely prolong the needle retention of your tree.