Country Loving Christmas Tree Farm
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Country Loving Tree Farm's focus is on customers satisfaction and a quality organic product.  We also deliver, install, maintain, remove, & store all of your Holiday Lights, call now for an appt.​​

We are open 9a-5p Black Friday 11/24/17 & weekends until 12/23/17 & by appt. only on Fridays 12/1, 12/8, 12/15 and 12/22. 571-241-2829
                                FIELD REPORT
White Pines  2,000 (from 2'-18') (LESS than 20 over 14')
Scoth Pines  4,000 (from 2'-10') more than 500 over 6'
Norway Spruce  1,000 (from 2'-8') (LESS than 30 over 6')
Red Cedar 50 (from 2'-10') no more than 10 over 8'
Fraser Firs 200 (6'-14')  Remember:  When fields are wet, wear boots!

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Country Loving Farm is a family farm, which has been in business for more then 10 years. We started the tree fields by planting 1,000 seedlings.  For the next decade we mowed the fields bi-weekly, sheared and shaped the trees, and planted 100's more every March.  We were finally able to open to the public in Nov. 2011.

Each year our buisness grows a little more. This has all been made possible thanks so the incredible support we've had from our loyal returning customers.​​
Tips for a 1st time Christmas tree harvest:  Dress for the weather, come early in the season for the best selection.  Bring a blanket to protect the roof of the car, bungee cords, and a sharp saw (but we have loaners if you need one). Trees always look smaller in the field than in your living room.  Trees like a cool humid environment and will be very thirsty in a warm dry house.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas 2017!