Country Loving Christmas Tree Farm
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Country Loving Christmas Tree Farm's focus is on customer satisfaction. We offer a variety of quality organic products to decorate your home. 
Within a limited area, we offer delivery services for your fresh-cut tree. 

We also deliver, install, maintain, remove, and store outside holiday lights, garland and other decorations. Call now for an appointment.

We are open 9 AM-5 PM on Saturdays and Sundays
between 11/29 and12/22/19, and by appt only after that till Xmas.
  For an appt., call Terra at 703-327-0583 ext. 102
We are located at 40856 Red Hill Rd, Leesburg, VA 20175

We wish you a very Merry Christmas 2018!

White Pines  400 (from 5'-18')  fewer than 30 trees over 10'
Scotch Pines 450 (from 5'-10') fewer than 50 trees over 6'
Norway Spruce  100 (from 3'-8') fewer than 20 trees over 6'
Red Cedar 15 (from 5'-10') about 5 trees over 8'
Fresh cut Fraser Firs 0 trees (from 9'-16') (arriving on 11/27/19)

Remember:  When the fields are wet, to wear boots!
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Country Loving Christmas Farm is a family farm, which has been in business since 1999. We started the tree fields by planting 1,000 seedlings.  Over the next decade, we mowed the fields bi-weekly, sheared and shaped the trees, and planted about 1000 more trees every March.  We were finally able to open to the public in Nov. 2011.

Each year our business grows a little more. This has been made possible by the incredible support we've had from our loyal returning customers.​​
Tips for a first-time Christmas tree harvest:  Dress for the weather and come early in the season for the best selection.  Bring a blanket to protect the roof of the car, bungee cords, and a sharp saw (but we have loaners if you need one). Trees always look smaller in the field than in your living room.  Trees like a cool humid environment and will be very thirsty in a warm dry house.

Reasons to Buy Real vs. Artificial This Christmas

How to get rid of your Christmas tree after Christmas!


Fairfax County


Trees will be collected in Alexandria on trash collection days, and should be place at yard waste collection points by 6 a.m. 

For the first two weeks of January, Fairfax County will provide pickups of trees that are under 8 feet tall. The tree must have all decorations removed. Residents have to schedule a pickup of tree after Jan. 12.
From Dec. 31 through Jan. 11, Arlington will have special curbside pickup of Christmas trees. Those collections will take place on normal trash collection days and trees must be by the road by 6 a.m. Trees can also be taken to the Solid Waste Bureau.


Loudoun County

Prince William County

In D.C., the city will collect Christmas trees from Jan. 14 to Feb. 2. Trees should be placed in normal trash pickup spots by 6 a.m. on trash and recycle pick-up days. The D.C. Department of Public Works says trees can also be left for collection crews after Feb. 2, but they’ll only be able to collect them if there is room in the truck.
Trees can also be dropped off at the Fort Totten and Benning Road transfer stations.
In Loudoun County, trees will be collected between Dec. 26 and Jan. 20. According to the county, residents should contact their homeowners association, town office or private waste collector for details on when those pickups will take place.
Trees can also be dropped off several locations in the county.
Prince William County doesn’t provide curbside pickup of trees but your undecorated tree can be dropped off at the Prince William County Landfill or at several other collection sites in the county.